THE SOUL OF LIFE: When in Realm

“As the Torah descended and unfurled from higher to lower levels and from higher to lower realms, it contracted itself, to become clothed in each successive realm in terms relevant to that realm, according to the nature and measure of that realm, so that realm could withstand the Torah’s holiness and light. When the Torah finally descended into this world, it became clothed as well in words relevant to the measure and character of this world, such as earthly narratives, so that this world could bear the holiness of its light. Nevertheless, while the Torah speaks of matters of the earthly realm, its words allude to the root of the Torah, to deeper, spiritual matters, and deeper matters within the deeper matters, level upon level, higher and higher, ad infinitum.”

-Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin, NEFESH HACHAYIM, 4th Gate, Ch. 28


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