As a Hammer Strikes

          “Though the words of the Sages appear plain and concise, they are like a hammer that explodes that which it strikes, for anyone who analyzes and examines and scrutinizes them closely shall be enlightened by the blaze of their intense light, for they shall find therein matters of great depth.”

-Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin, Nefesh haChayim, Gate III, Ch. 1


2 thoughts on “As a Hammer Strikes

  1. Rabbi, you name, “Mollot” is the Russian word for “sledge hammer” — the largest and heaviest of all hammers, capable of breaking open even the hardest rock. Armed with the invincible Truth of Torah knowledge, may you teach your students to harness its power for Good, breaking open the most difficult problems and crushing the Evil Inclination and, indeed, smashing to dust every evil adversary.

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