Words of Wisdom

“The first of the requests in the Amidah (silent prayer) is the blessing asking for wisdom and knowledge… This is the foundation for all requests, for one must ask from the Creator for upright intellect and knowledge to reject evil and choose good… This is followed by “Hashivenu” (“Return us to you in repentance”), for through knowledge one becomes aware of one’s misdeeds… For this reason as well, the section of Havdalah (lit. “Separation”) is inserted into the blessing for wisdom (at the departure of the Sabbath, when we divide the holy day from the mundane), for distinguishing between one thing and another requires wisdom… The connection between Havdalah and the intellectual faculties is further hinted in the word binah (בינה — “understanding”), which is comprised of the initial letters ב (“b”) for בשמים (besamim) — spices, י (“y”) for יין (yayin) — wine, נ (“n”) for נר (ner) — candle, and ה (“h”) for הבדלה (Havdalah) — the blessing for separation. (These are the four elements of the havdalah ceremony.)”

-Mishnah Berurah 115:1:1


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