Don’t Destroy My World

“When the Holy One Blessed be He created Adam, He took him on a tour of all the trees of the Garden of Eden and said to him, ‘See how beautiful and praiseworthy My deeds are — and all that I have created, I have created for you. Take heed not to corrupt nor destroy My world.'”

Midrash Koheles 7:13


One thought on “Don’t Destroy My World

  1. When creating Man, G-d not only endowed him with the organs of sight, hearing, and the other senses with which to perceive the world, but He also gave us the precious gift of perceiving with great pleasure. Without this additional gift — which we often take for granted — we would simply receive “data” from the world around us. But, instead, we see the glorious sunrise and sunset; we perceive the colours of the rainbow; the beauty of Art; we take pleasure in the sound of a babbling brook; the melody of a songbird; the symphony orchestra; we tremble at the sound of the shofar; we are uplifted by the sound of our children’s voices; we are filled with pleasure from the taste of good food; the fortifying flavour of cholent; the sweetness of fruit; the sense of well-being and warmth from home-made chicken soup; the aroma of herbs; dill; coriander; anise; cumin; the scent of flowers or perfume; we are made to enjoy the pleasure of touch, as a loving caress from our father or mother soothes away all troubles. For Man was designed by The Master of All Design — The Holy One, blessed be He — who created us for pleasure and for good and to enjoy Gan Eden and the world that He created especially for us. Praised by His Great and Holy Name forever and ever.


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