More Precious than Pearls

“There is no doubt that the precision in fulfilling the commandments and serving God must be as perfect as the precision of those who weigh gold or pearls because of their great value. For the fulfillment of the commandments and service of God lead to absolute perfection, and to eternal splendor that has no equal.”

Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato, The Path of the Just, Ch. 1


4 thoughts on “More Precious than Pearls

  1. But is not fulfilling the commandments with less precision — but with that degree of good intent of which we are capable — still worthy?


    1. Absolutely! No one is tasked to fulfill more than that of which they are capable, and so long as a person acts to their utmost ability, that is viewed as “perfect precision” for them. The problem is that people often sell themselves short of their true capabilities. Furthermore, the RaMChaL (Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato) means this as an ideal for which to strive, in a lifetime effort, not a level on which one is expected to be born, nor to reach easily or quickly. The point of THE PATH OF THE JUST, generally is to outline a practical path, step by step, through which a person may strive to achieve some (or all) of these refinements of character and service to Hashem.


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