“This is true joy — that one’s heart is filled with happiness over the privilege of serving the Master, blessed be He, Who has no equal, and that he is able to occupy himself with his Torah and his mitzvos (commandments), which are truly perfect and eternally precious… For the more a person is privileged to penetrate the inner sanctums of knowledge concerning the greatness of the Blessed One, the greater will his joy be and the more will his heart rejoice within him.”

          –The Path of the Just, Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, ch. 19


2 thoughts on “Joy

  1. Yet why does the ordinary person spurn the yoke of Torah and seek pleasure in worldly and fashionable pursuits — going to concerts or movies; travelling for pleasure; fressing in restaurants; playing video games; reading novels; etc.?

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    1. People are pleasure seekers. The reason people seek pleasure incessantly is because the soul seeks its Creator Who is the source of and the ultimate pleasure, but because men do not recognize this, they continually seek every manner of pathetic substitute which never satisfies.


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