Sukoth: Raise the Roof

On the festival of Sukoth, the Torah commands that we abandon the “permanent” structures of our homes, and dwell instead for a week in “temporary” outdoor “sukoth” — “booths” with flimsy roofs made of earth-grown materials. This period of living outside the security of our fortified homes intends to “drive home” (no pun intended) the awareness that indeed true security and protection comes not from the strength of physical structures, nor the the power of any man, but only from Hashem, Creator and Master over all, for the only true strength and permanence and protection belongs to Him, the Everlasting and all-powerful One. For this reason, the Sukoth festival comes immediately following a harvest, at the start of the rainy season, when man comes home from the fields and feels the protective sense provided by his roof and his stores of food. At this time, Hashem commands that we counteract this false sense by removing ourselves from our earthly protections, and remember that only He protects, only He provides. May we merit to feel the loving protection and sustenance of our Father in Heaven, and thereby experience the ecstatic joy resultant of that awareness.

Based on Shla”h, Masecheth Sukah

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