Haazinu: Opening the Channel

“He (Israel) has diminished Him (HaShem), though not, when His children are blemished.” (Deuteronomy 32:5)

This difficult verse, properly understood, carries a profound lesson. When a person sins, thereby becoming “blemished” with sin, on a certain level, this “diminishes” God. (The words, “though not,” indicate that God, in His Infinity, cannot be truly diminished, despite the idiom here.)  In what way does a person’s sin “diminish” God? HaShem, as the infinitely benevolent Creator, has an unlimited bounty of blessing and benefit to bestow upon mankind. A person who aligns him or herself with the Almighty, opens the channel for the flow of these limitless blessings and benefits. The degree to which one “turns away” from God limits the flow of that much of HaShem’s blessings. Man’s actions create connection or disconnection between the Infinity of God above, which cannot be diminished, and us, the receiving end of God’s limitless bounty of blessing. HaShem, in creating the world, revealed His will to share with us His Infinite bounty, but we have the potential to undermine the will of God, “diminishing” the revelation of Hashem that is manifest through His blessings. Conversely, through proper acts, we open the channel to God’s infinite benevolence. May we choose lead our lives rightly, connect to Hashem fully, and merit the infinite blessings our Creator wishes to bestow upon us.

Based on Shla”h, Parshas Haazinu

(Image from wallpaperswide.com)


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