Ki Thavo: Count Your Blessings

“And you shall raise your voice and say before Hashem your God…, ‘Behold, I have brought the first of the fruit of the land which you, Hashem, have given me!’ And you shall rejoice in all the good which Hashem your God has given to you” (Deuteronomy 26:5-11). The Torah tells us that the result of the verbal declaration over the first fruits of the land, thanking God and declaring His kindness, is that the one making the declaration will rejoice! Indeed, it is the natural reaction of making an accounting of the blessings in our lives that gives way to a feeling of happiness. There is no question that people who take a few minutes each day to think of just five positive things that happened to them that day lead happier lives than those who do not. This is even more true for those who write these things down. Over time, as one looks back upon this written record of things for which one is thankful, one cannot help but be catapulted to higher levels of joy. Each of us should make an accounting every day of the blessings in our lives — AT LEAST ONE THING EACH DAY! We can all do this. We all want happiness, but we short-change ourselves because we refuse to invest the few minutes it takes to perform this simple exercise. 60 seconds of gratitude for a lifetime of happiness. Sounds like a good deal, no? May we all merit to discover the countless blessings in our lives, and rejoice over the infinite treasures that life holds.


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