R’eh 5775: LIKE the Gift, LIKE the Blessing

“Every man [shall give], like the gift of his hand, like the blessing of Hashem your G-d that He has given you” (Devarim 16:17). Why are wecommanded to give “like” the gift of our hand? Why “like” the blessing of Hashem? Why not say that we should give the gift of our hand from that with which Hashem blessed us? Why the modifier “like” twice, as though this is not what is actually happening? The Shla”h explains that a person should not think that what we have is actually our own, rather everything we have comes from Hashem, and it is only put into our hand to do the right thing with it, for example, to give tzedakah (charity). We are just the messenger, but indeed all belongs to Hashem. So it is only “like” we give from our own hand, but in actuality we act as an extension of the true Master of All. Likewise, while we must recognize that everything we have comes from Hashem’s blessing, this is not ENTIRELY accurate either, because Hashem responds to a person according to the person’s actions. A person must perform positive acts to elicit a positive RESPONSE from Hashem. So it is LIKE Hashem’s blessing, but actually WE ARE RESPONSIBLE to bring about that blessing through our own actions. So stay positive everyone, keep bringing good into the world through your thoughts, words and deeds, “LIKE” this message and pay it forward!


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